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Milk – Should I be drinking it?

Nutritionist Ilene, I’ve heard that milk is good for you and bad for you. What is the bottom line? Milk supports growth as it contains protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, some sodium, and is a rich source of calcium supplying about 30% of your daily calcium needs in every glass. … [Read More...]

Overeating:  Causes and Treatment

  Nutritionist Ilene, I’ve been trying to lose weight, but I’m having a difficult time controlling my portions. Any suggestions?     Eating slower allows your stomach to feel full. Overeating can seem harmless, but it runs deeper than simply “my eyes were bigger than … [Read More...]

How Much Fruit is Too Much??

Nutritionist Ilene, I eat mostly fruit for my carbohydrates.   How much fruit is too much? Whole fruit is a great source of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, plus it might even satisfy your sweet tooth, all with relatively little calories. Fruit has simple sugar, fructose, which … [Read More...]

Healthy Recipes

Tasty Fruit Icee

Recipe by Ilene Yalen, MSRD Healthy diets contain limited refined sugars. Perfect for dessert or an afternoon treat, this easy, delicious fruit … [Read More...]