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Protein Sources

10/20/16 Nutritionist Ilene, I’m trying to find inexpensive protein sources. Would protein powders be my best choice? Although protein powders are an inexpensive way to obtain protein, they are not always the best choice.  Better choices of inexpensive protein sources would be quinoa, cottage … [Read More...]

Food Logs

10/18/16 Nutritionist Ilene, I know what I should be eating to lose weight, and I’m keeping a food log of everything I eat, but I still have difficulty controlling what I end up eating at the moment.  Any suggestions? Keeping a food log or journal is a great way to get instant feedback on … [Read More...]


10/11/16 Nutritionist Ilene, I know packaged meats are bad because of the nitrates added. Recently, I’ve seen packages that say “no nitrates added except for those naturally occurring in celery and sea salt”. Are those products better for you? Processed meat including bacon, hot dogs, salami, … [Read More...]