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Cutting Out Sugar

  April 26, 2016 Dietitian Ilene, there’s probably a ton of changes I could make in my diet to make it better, but if I had to pick one thing to focus on, what would it be? I would have to say cutting out added sugar would be the most important change to make in your diet. There are … [Read More...]


April 19, 2016 Dietitian Ilene, what should I drink to get hydrated the fastest?   Drinks with adequate sodium and potassium are necessary to re-hydrate cells quickly. In a recent study, 72 healthy active men aged 18-35 came to a lab before breakfast. They were told to drink half a liter (2 … [Read More...]

Digestion of Whole Wheat

  4/14/16 Dietitian Ilene, I heard whole wheat is hard to digest and can decrease performance, so athletes should follow a gluten free diet instead. Is that true? It is trendy for athletes to adopt a gluten free diet in hopes of boosting performance, but there is no scientific basis … [Read More...]