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Losing Excess Weight as a Family

   Nutrition Ilene, our pediatrician is concerned about my son who is 8 years old and has gained too much weight over the past few years. Since our whole family could really use a diet makeover, do you have some recommendations that could help all of us?          It is … [Read More...]

Eating Healthy as a Family

Children who eat meals with their parents have healthier eating habits than those who don't. They eat less fast food and more fruits and vegetables as preparing meals gives parents control over both the quality and quantity of food served. ***************************** Nutritionist … [Read More...]

Thyroid feeling sluggish?

Nutritionist Ilene, I started medication for hypothyroidism. Can I improve the function of my thyroid by changing my diet? Since your thyroid is a master controller that regulates nearly every major metabolic function in the body, hypothyroidism, a condition of a low or under-active thyroid gland … [Read More...]

Healthy Recipes