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Burning Stored Fat

10/25/16 Nutritionist Ilene, I heard it takes hours of exercise to start burning your stored fat. Is that true?  Yes, however, what your body does during cardiovascular exercise turns out to be even more effective for weight loss. Your body prefers to use carbohydrates for fuel during … [Read More...]

Stretching Basics

  10/21/16 Stretching Basics Stretching is an important component to add to your daily routine, both to increase flexibility and to prevent injury. There are benefits of stretching before and after exercise, but doing the wrong types of stretching at the wrong time can actually take … [Read More...]

Protein Sources

10/20/16 Nutritionist Ilene, I’m trying to find inexpensive protein sources. Would protein powders be my best choice? Although protein powders are an inexpensive way to obtain protein, they are not always the best choice.  Better choices of inexpensive protein sources would be quinoa, cottage … [Read More...]