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Scrumptious Ground Turkey Burritos

Scrumptious Ground Turkey Burritos Ilene Yalen, MSRD By replacing animal fats with healthy fats, this recipe is anti-inflammatory and promotes heart health. Packed with nutrients and fiber, this burrito provides a balanced package of healthy proteins, fats, vegetables and whole … [Read More...]

You Feel What You Eat

Nutritionist Ilene, I was just diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I’ve started on a prescription, but I was wondering what I can do naturally to help alleviate my symptoms. Along with getting adequate sunshine, fresh air (preferably surrounded by nature, based on the latest research), … [Read More...]

Diet Linked to Cancer Risk

  Nutritionist Ilene, I have a strong family history of cancer. Are there any specific foods I should or shouldn't eat to help lower my risk?   Yes!  Aside from protecting yourself from toxic chemicals related to fires, tobacco and other hazards, and sunburns, exercising and … [Read More...]

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