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Making Your Diet Healthier

8/10/16 Nutritionist Ilene, if there was one thing I should add to make my diet healthier, what would it be? Switching your intake to a whole food diet, where the majority of your foods are consumed in their natural state with little processing and added chemicals, would be at the top of my … [Read More...]

Raw Cookie Dough

  July 15, 2016 Nutritionist Ilene, if raw cookie dough is so dangerous to eat, then why do stores sell it? Growing up in my house, it was a treat to lick the brownie batter and cookie dough spoon. Because of safety issues, those days are long gone. There are two ingredients in raw … [Read More...]

Non-Calorie Sweeteners

  July 12, 2016 Nutritionist Ilene, I switched to diet soda and non-calorie sweeteners in my tea to help me lose weight, but I'm hearing some people say it doesn't work. Can you explain?  Yes, it is true that despite all the non-calorie drink and food options out there, Americans are … [Read More...]