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Curriculum for New Recruits

Curriculum for New Recruits

How to Survive and Thrive in the Academy

1. Tell us early: If you have an injury or an at home problem such as lack of sleep or a family issue preventing you from performing at full capacity tell us early. It’s easier to solve a problem sooner than later.

2. Maintain good nutrition: Eat a farmer’s breakfast. You’re going to need plenty of carbohydrates for fuel to be able to do your physical training, and protein to build new muscle.

An example would be: eggs, whole-wheat toast, and orange juice.
3. Over-hydrate: Keep your pee pale as a sign of adequate hydration.

Try half strength Gatorade or other sports drinks before you come out to the academy; hydrate frequently at the academy and upon returning home.
4. Use sleep hygiene: Do not study in bed. Bed should be reserved for sleep and another very personal activity. Avoid caffeine drinks in the late afternoon and evening.

5. Wear the right shoes: Get an adequate pair of shoes and break them in early. The Running Store at 3055 N. Campbell can fit you appropriately.

6. Stretch Regularly: Warm up first then stretch.

7. Avoid energy drinks: Excess caffeine and dehydration will over stress your heart. Every year a recruit is sent to the emergency department for energy drink caused abnormal heart rhythm.

REMEMBER: Your academy and medical staff are here to help you. We can help you better if we can intervene early. Do not wait until your injury or other circumstance is so severe it stops you from completing the academy.