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Reminders on Your Physicals

To All Firefighters and SWAT Regarding Physicals at WellAmerica

Just a few reminders about physicals:

If you are scheduled for a treadmill in our clinic, please make sure you fast for 1 hour and avoid caffeine or nicotine for 4 hours before the test. It is fine to drink water during your fast. The reason for the fast is so that we get an accurate EKG reading while on the treadmill.

Men who are 40 and older who will be getting a PSA (blood test for prostate health) done with their blood draw, please refrain from having sexual relations, motorcycling or mountain biking 24 hours before your blood draw. It can cause your PSA results to be abnormal.

**REMINDER** When FASTING for blood draws, fast for 12 – 14 hours, and drink plenty of water during your fast.

**REMINDER….Please bring with you to your physical…

BE SURE to be hydrated when you arrive for your physical and bring with you your glasses/contacts, contact case and solution for your eye test.

If you will be doing your treadmill, step test, push-ups and plank in our clinic PLEASE BRING YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES AND SNEAKERS. Doing these tests in long pants and boots can be uncomfortable.

For any questions regarding anything above, please contact our office at 520-795-1098.