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Heather Parks, Medical Assistant, Clinical Manager

Occupational health since March 2002.
Certified pulmonary function/spirometry technician.
CAOHC certified hearing conservationist/tech for audio testing. Trained in AeliusMD, Vision testing, pulmonary function testing, blood drawing, urinalysis, urine drug testing, BLS Certified.

Stephanie Valencia, Medical Assistant/NEMT

Occupational health since 2009
CAOHC certified hearing conservationist/tech for audio testing.
Trained in GalenMD, vision testing, pulmonary function testing, treadmill technician, blood drawing, urinalysis, urine drug testing, BLS Certified.

Yolanda Gomez, RPT/Phlebotomist/MT

Occupational health since 2013. Has over 30 years experience as a Certified Phlebotomist through American Medical Technologies (AMT).   Trained in AeliusMD, audiograms, vision testing, pulmonary function testing, treadmill technician, urinalysis & urine drug testing. B.A.T. certified. BLS Certifed

Has been awarded four (4) times with the “Phlebotomist of the Year” for the State of Arizona through AMT and was nominated again in 2014.

Received the National “Distinguished Achievement Award”.

James Mcclure, phlebotomist, NCPT

Occupation health since 2019. BLS Certified. Trained in AeliusMD

Robin Braun, Business Specialist/administrative Assistant

Occupational health since 2005
Associates Degree, Secretarial Science. Accounts Payable, Social Media Specialist,
Trained in AeliusMD.

Ilene Yalen, MSRD, Dietitian

Occupational health since 2008
Masters of Science in Nutrition
Registered Clinical Dietitian since 1994

Experience in weight loss/gain, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, geriatrics, pediatrics, sports nutrition, nutrition for firefighters, eating disorders and research.

our providers




Dr. Scott Krasner maintains his teaching position at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine, and Certified Independent Medical Examiner. He has been a Breath Alcohol Technician and Instructor and a Certified Medical Review Officer since the drug testing programs were established. Dr. Krasner is a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Second Vice-President of the Western Occupational and Environmental Medical Association. BLS Certified.

Dr. Krasner continues his clinical practice in occupational medicine, with special focus in the mining industry, fire and police (where he is Az POST Certified).

Stefanie Lundell, MD, MPH

Former Air Force Flight Surgeon                                              Board Certified Occupational and Environmental Medicine        Occupational Medicine and MPH at the University of Arizona      Firefighter cancer prevention and part-time clinical research Functional Medicine, BLS Certified

Caryl Gorman, MD, MSc (MPH equivalent)

20 years experience Board Certified Occupation and Environmental Medicine Strong background in orthopedic medicine.

Joseph Rea, MD, MPH

40 years experience Board Certified Occupational and Environmental Medicine Certified Medical Review Officer

Kate O'Reilly, Pt, dpt, cscs, tsac-f, President

BS in Physiological Sciences at University of Arizona, Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Southern California

Kate specializes in working with Southern Arizona’s first responders. She has helped members of almost every Southern Arizona Fire and Law Enforcement agency, as well as Border Patrol and members of the US Military.

Helping to promote firefighter fitness and prevent injury, she works closely with Peer Fitness Trainers to design workouts for individual fire fighter, recruits and departments.

As the President of WellAmerica, Inc, she will continue promoting firefighter wellness along with the experienced staff of WellAmerica.